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The transportation industry is a key component of modern day society, and Diesel Components, Inc. has recognized this basic fact since opening our doors in 1977. Having safe and reliable transportation is a necessity for millions of individuals, ranging from school children and the daily commuters that drive our economy to the elderly in need of services and tourists looking to make memories.
The transportation industry has driven us to continually increase our in-house rebuilding and repair capabilities and broaden our warehouse distributor product lines to accommodate the fast and accurate fulfillment of your parts orders, as well as fast turnaround time for diesel fuel pumps, injectors, fan clutches, and turbochargers.
The extensive in-house rebuilding and repair capabilities at Diesel Components, Inc. means we can get your transportation equipment or engines back up and run at their peak performance with minimal downtime. We also offer factory new and rebuilt products for exchange. We can test and repair diesel fuel injection pumps and injectors, repair and rebuild turbochargers, including balancing complete cartridge assemblies, and rebuild your fan clutches as well. When it comes to fan clutches, we cover about 99% of the market, even having parts available for some hard to find and obsolete models.
Diesel Components, Inc. is also one of the largest warehouse distributors specializing in diesel engine parts and related products. We have you covered from the air filter to exhaust, including engine exhaust silencers. We also have radiators and charge air coolers, complete engine kits, fan blades, alternators, starter motors, and air conditioning, as well as full coverage for hoses and clamps. We can even help you preheat your engines, warm up your hydraulics for chair lifts, and heat your diesel fuel so you can run confidently in cold weather.
In addition, it also doesn’t matter what type of transportation equipment is in your fleet. From airport shuttle buses to interstate motor coaches, if its diesel powered, Diesel Components’ Inc. has the parts, knowledge, and capability to get you back on schedule in a timely manner.

So, if your diesel engines need attention, remember that Diesel Component’s, Inc. is dedicated to providing the proper parts and service every time.

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