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Diesel fuel injector testing is a crucial aspect for proper maintenance to assure peak engine performance. Not only is fuel injector testing important for maximizing fuel economy but also for exhaust emission compliance and extending the longevity of all other components that come in contact with engine exhaust.

Proper diesel fuel injection performance also extends the service life of all other engine components that are exposed to the air/fuel mixture both pre and post combustion. That includes everything from the diesel fuel injection itself, the pistons, cylinders, piston rings, valves, valve guides and seals, the turbocharger and all exhaust system components, right down to the diesel particulate filter.

Diesel Components, Inc. fully understands the complexities involved with diesel fuel injector testing and the need to determine if diesel fuel injectors are damaged, need calibration, cleaning or replacement. The costs involved regarding diesel fuel injection replacement makes diesel fuel injector testing a cost effective way to determine how diesel engine maintenance is best performed.


Diesel Components, Inc. has the proper, state-of-the-art diesel fuel injector testing equipment and factory trained technicians to provide timely and accurate test results. The kind of information produced from proper fuel injector testing provides a sound base for informed and reasonable decision making as well as budget planning keeping maintenance costs low and maintenance and engine performance high.

The diesel fuel injector testing process can determine if an injector simply needs cleaning, or maybe re-calibration, perhaps the diesel fuel injection is worn to the point it needs to be rebuilt. Diesel Components, Inc. with over 40 years of practical knowledge and up-to-date technician training can provide all of those services quickly and efficiently. Should it become necessary to replace diesel fuel injections that are too far worn for conventional repairs to be cost effective, Diesel Components, Inc. can also provide original equipment factory new or remanufactured diesel fuel injectors.


Diesel Components, Inc. works on all popular models of diesel fuel injection. It doesn’t matter if you have agricultural equipment, construction equipment, on or off highway vehicles, stationery engines, emergency response vehicles, or marine engines, contact Diesel Components, Inc. for all of your diesel fuel injection testing , cleaning, calibration, rebuilding or replacement needs.

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