Fuel Injection Repair

Diesel fuel injection pump testing is a very important aspect of routine vehicle maintenance that Diesel Components, Inc. fully understands. The complexities involved with diesel fuel injection pump testing vary by manufacturer and pump design. The requirement for proper diesel fuel injector pump testing is crucial for proper engine performance and can determine if the diesel fuel injector pump is working properly, requires cleaning or calibration, if repairs are necessary or if the unit is in need of replacement. The costs involved regarding possible diesel fuel injector pump replacement makes pump testing a cost effective way to determine how diesel engine maintenance is best performed.


Diesel Components, Inc. has the proper, state-of-the-art diesel fuel injection pump testing equipment and factory trained technicians to provide timely and accurate test results. The kind of information produced from proper fuel injection pump testing provides a sound base for informed and reasonable decision making as well as budget planning keeping maintenance costs low and maintenance and engine performance high.

To provide the best possible service, Diesel Components, Inc. acquired authorization from the leading diesel fuel injection pump manufacturers. This required investing in testing equipment, and cross training our already competent diesel fuel injector technicians, by providing them with the most current training available from each of the brands we represent. Using the same methodology as with the injector training, we waited until we had gained confidence in our capabilities through the injection OEM training process, before offering diesel fuel injection pump testing and repair services to our customers. We know from our more than 40 years of experience, that it is our attention to detail and commitment to providing the highest quality parts and service that was most important to our clients. When there is a balance between service received and cost of service, value is achieved. At Diesel Components, Inc. we strive every day to provide the highest level of excellence and value.

Should it become necessary to clean, calibrate, repair, or replace your diesel fuel injection pump, Diesel Components, Inc can provide all of those options, right up to factory re-manufactured or new diesel fuel injection pumps.


Diesel Components, Inc. works on all popular models of diesel fuel injection pumps. It doesn’t matter if you have agricultural equipment, construction equipment, on or off highway vehicles, stationery engines, emergency response vehicles, or marine engines, contact Diesel Components, Inc. for all of your diesel fuel injector pump testing , cleaning, calibration, rebuilding or replacement needs.

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