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Operating diesel engines in cold weather is not a task to be taken lightly. Beyond the obvious hard starting issues that cause delivery and project delays there are other, sometimes hidden or forgotten wear and tear aspects as well. Hard starting is the beginning, resulting in excessive starter motor use.

Excessive cranking deeply discharges the batteries. Deeply discharged (and cold) batteries require the alternator to work harder to recharge. Long cranking periods without proper oil pressure results in excessive engine component wear, and the list goes on. Let Diesel Component’s, Inc. be your one call to get it all when it comes to cold weather operation. There are a multitude of products available. Ranging from flexible 12 and 24 volt heating pads and complete stand alone fuel fired, coolant circulating heating systems to 120 and 240 volt preheating products for engines, transmissions, hydraulics and fuel. All products are manufactured by internationally recognized companies like; Arctic Fox, Espar, Hotstart, Kysor, Proheat, Webasto, and Zerostart. So when winter sets in, don’t give in, and fight back by coming to Diesel Components, Inc.

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