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Beginning on January 1, 2007, a diesel particulate filter is a required component for all new diesel engines. The diesel particulate filter is a critical component of the exhaust system which has become more complex over time. Proper maintenance is required at specific intervals to keep the diesel particulate filter functioning properly so it can reduce the Nitrous Oxide and ash also known as soot particulates associated with combustion of diesel fuel out of the atmosphere. The most common maintenance is to have the diesel particulate filter cleaned. If not properly cleaned at regular intervals, the honeycomb chamber design will eventually become clogged to the point that it will require a complete replacement of the diesel particulate filter which can be very expensive.

The maintenance interval depends upon the service cycle of the engine. Engines that run at a constant speed for long periods of time will require less diesel particulate filter maintenance than those that operate in more stop and go or long periods of idling time.


To properly clean a diesel particulate filter requires a lot more than just a quick blast of air or a few light taps to dislodge the accumulated ash deposits. If not done properly, the diesel particulate substrate can be easily damaged, rendering it useless and resulting in the purchase of a replacement.
Diesel Components, Inc. is well equipped to provide the diesel particulate filter maintenance you need. As with all of the other diesel engine parts and services that Diesel Components, Inc. provides we have done our homework to provide the best service possible. We started with the purchase of state of the art diesel particulate cleaning equipment and training our technicians in the proper inspection and cleaning techniques. So you can be confident that the diesel particulate filter that is cleaned by Diesel Components, Inc. has been properly cleaned and is fully functional.


If your diesel particulate filter is damaged or in such a condition that cleaning would not restore it to proper operation, Diesel Components, Inc. has a full line of new diesel particulate filters to get your equipment back on line quickly.
The diesel particulate filters offered by Diesel Components, Inc. are made in the U.S.A, 100% new with no core required. They carry a full two-year, unlimited mile warranty, and every one comes with a “born on weight™” so it is easy to check the health and functionality of each new diesel particulate filter purchased from Diesel Components, Inc.
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