Why Do Turbochargers Fail?

Why Do Turbochargers Fail?

If you notice a significant reduction in your boost, or grayish-blue fumes coming out from your exhaust pipe, chances are that you may be experiencing turbo failure. This brings us to the commonly-asked question – Why do turbochargers fail? It can be incredibly frustrating to step on the pedal expecting an incredible burst of speed […]

How to Identify the Symptoms of a Bad Turbo

Bad Turbo Symptoms

As emission standards increase and the need for smaller displacement engines rises further, turbochargers are becoming more and more popular among car owners. While enjoying the extra boost provided by your turbo, it’s also essential to keep an eye out for the symptoms of a bad turbo. Just like a car engine is prone to […]

GM 2.7 Turbo Engine Problems

GM 2.7 Turbo Engine Problems

Since its debut in 2019, the GM 2.7 turbo engine has courted controversy.  Even as it packs a punch of torque and delivers a performance that seems to be far beyond its tiny size. There have been quite a few GM 2.7 turbo engine problems, too. Though it was initially designed for trucks when launched […]

Turbocharger vs. Supercharger – Which One’s Faster and More Furious

Turbocharger vs. Supercharger

In today’s fast-moving world, everyone’s looking for new ways to achieve more speed, especially when it comes to motor vehicles. However, in the quest to gain momentum, a fierce debate seems to have broken out, i.e., turbocharger vs. supercharger, which power-boosting device is better for forced induction? Now, before pitting turbochargers and superchargers against each […]

Does a Turbo Charger Help Heavy Vehicles Going Uphill?

Turbo Charger Help Heavy Vehicles Going Uphill

Look online, and you will find plenty of articles either expounding the virtues of turbocharger or vehemently denying them. Now, some claims about turbochargers are valid. They boost your engine’s power generating capacity for a sudden burst of power and speed. On the other hand, other speculations are still open to debate. Many experts claim […]


Getting a turbo or turbocharger for your car’s engine boosts its power and torque for better functionality and performance. However, problems with fuel, engine oil, or the air and cooling systems can damage the turbo, causing complications over time. This article will discuss five turbo problems you may not know about that can cost you […]

Electric Turbos: DCI Separates the Facts from the Fiction

Despite strong evidence supporting the excellent boost provided by electric turbos, many consider them to be a scam. The primary culprits behind this are the cheap, low-quality devices flooding the market. These devices include modified computer fans and other electronics adapted for car intake. Their poor performance further fuels the skepticism around electric turbos. So, […]

Step by Step Instructions to Install Different Types of Turbo

A turbocharger is a device designed to improve overall efficiency, increase performance and fit a vehicle’s engine. Most auto manufacturers use turbos for their vehicles. But what are the different types of turbos, the steps to install them, and how we at Diesel Components, Inc. can help? Read on for more: Different Types of Turbo […]

Twin-Turbo V8 Facts of Life

Twin turbos come into the picture when an engine with two turbochargers compresses the intake fuel/air mixture. A Twin-Turbo is added to the second turbocharger of a vehicle’s engine, and we can do this by assigning a single turbo to work with each cylinder bank in V6 or V8 engines. Alternatively, vehicles use one large […]

Parallel Sequential Turbocharger Installation

Sequential Turbocharger turbocharger

How does Parallel Sequential turbo work? Sequential turbo set-ups feature one small and one large turbocharger. The small turbo mainly boosts low speeds, and the larger one is for higher engine speeds. The limited exhaust gas is directed into the smaller turbocharger when engine speed is low, resulting in rapid boost production. Although, it can […]