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Need to repair or upgrade your Fan Clutch? Buy from Diesel Components Inc.

When it comes to the performance and safety of your truck or fleet, you have to consider that from the orifice tube in your AC to the drivetrain; all repairs are equally important. But your engine and your fan clutch should take a high priority and should be repaired immediately.

The science behind this is simple: there’s a lot of pressure on your engine, and your fan clutch kicks in to cool things down before the engine overheats. Whether you have got a thermal, non-thermal, or electronic fan clutch, this critical part will need some attention at some point. 

Whether it needs an efficiency upgrade or repair, it would be best if you didn’t suffer the cost of extensive repairs or downtime. Get in touch with our experts at Diesel Components, Inc. to repair your Engine Fan Clutch and drive with peace.


A fan clutch with a mounted fan ensures that engines do not exceed certain operating temperatures, which the manufacturer usually sets. A bimetallic sensor system or electronic control is there to detect the temperature. You should also know that the two terms, fan clutch and fan drive, are interchangeable.

Although the engine drives the fan clutch, it is designed to stay “idle” in off mode and turn on (with the engine as the primary force) as the engine temperature increases. There are three basic types of fan clutches, each of which offers various advantages in terms of function and price: automatic clutches, two-speed clutches, and variable-speed clutches.



You know the drill: when your fan clutch is faulty, it’s time to bring your vehicle to us so we can either replace the whole thing. No matter how many separate components it will take, we’ll get your vehicle operational again.

But what if we told you that there’s an easier, faster, and more cost-effective way to not only get your engine cooling system working again but also extend the life of your fan clutch?

Horton fan clutches are trusted by millions of OEM and aftermarket applications, including us. When you need a quick fix or upgrade, Horton repair kits can help make the difference between downtime and running your vehicle efficiently.

Horton’s experts further believe that “The MS and HS series fans can be configured from 6-11 blades, and 22-32 inches in diameter, to meet a spectrum of application requirements for medium and heavy-duty trucks.” One of their Product Managers tells us that “We’ve worked with OEMs to develop fan blade designs that specifically benefit and improve efficiency for their application.”

Horton upgrade or repair kits feature:

  • Pre-assembled components for fast & straightforward installation
  • OE-approved for repairing DM Advantage fan clutches and upgrading legacy technology
  • Long life, reliable operation, reduced maintenance for heavy-duty, medium-duty, and off-road equipment, buses, and trucks.


Repairing or upgrading your fan clutch shouldn’t be a concern. Horton offers two quick kits which can give you the industry’s smoothest fan drive engagements.

Let’s know a bit about them:

DM Advantage On/Off Quick Kits: DM Advantage On/Off kits can be used to upgrade legacy Horton DriveMaster On/Off fan drives to DM Advantage technology. These kits include everything needed to completely rebuild your fan drive, including a double-row angular contact (DRAC) sheave bearing.


DM Advantage Two-Speed Quick Kits: Horton’s two-speed quick kits can also upgrade legacy On/Off and two-speed technology to DM Advantage technology. In addition to the DRAC bearing, these quick kits also include double O-ring cartridge seals, carbon tip, and a fail-safe design.



Your fan clutch is a critical component of your engine cooling system, which means that every repair is critical. When your fan clutch needs to be repaired or upgraded, you don’t necessarily have to overspend or suffer from downtime.

Fan Clutch upgrade and repair kits are a fast and efficient way to either repair existing fan clutches or upgrade legacy fan clutch technology to optimize efficiency. DM Advantage On/Off and Two-Speed quick kits by Horton come with pre-assembled components and can be used to rebuild a fan drive fully.


Backed by years of fan drive engineering, design, and experience, the Horton fan clutch, and other products are the solutions you need to ensure your vehicle maintains optimal performance without sacrificing the life cycle of the critical components.

It doesn’t matter if you’re operating on highways or off-road vehicles or equipment, a river barge, or mining equipment; Diesel Components, Inc. has you covered for all of your fan clutch and fan blade needs.

We have products from Horton, Kysor/BorgWarner, Eaton, Schwitzer, Spectrum from Kit Masters, and Bendix, including many obsolete or hard to find.

Our inventory includes not only new fan clutches and blades but also whichever fan clutch repair or upgrades kit you need to get your vehicle up and running. And if you’re unable to find do-it-yourself fan clutch repair kits on our online store, get in touch with us now; we’ll sort you out quickly.

Shop with us today to find the fan clutch you need to take care of business, or visit us and see for yourself why vehicle owners come to us for parts that are built to last & delivered fast.