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Worried about a blown turbo? Know all about Turbo Repair

The turbo is designed to last as long as your car does. However, the turbo can become damaged over time, which is why you should know all about Turbo Repair in MN.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the signs of a blown turbo, common reasons for turbo failure, what you should do if your turbocharger fails. We’ll also talk about Turbocharger Replacement, Garret Turbochargers, and why Diesel Components, Inc. should be your go-to place for anything related to Turbo Repair or Replacement.

What are the signs of a blown turbo? 

First, let’s see what can cause damage to your car’s turbo:

  • Age and mileage of the car
  • Insufficient engine oil in the system
  • Wrong kind of oil
  • Damaged seals (It causes oil to enter the exhaust system) 

If your turbo fails for any reason, many signs can be present. However, if you closely monitor how your car is performing, you can spot the tell-tale signals of the most common turbo problems. Therefore, you can confirm the possible turbo issues, with the need for our services to run a diagnostic test to pinpoint the root of the problem. When you visit us, we can also talk to you about turbo rebuilding.

The most common signs of a blown turbo are:

  • Your car has a noticeable power loss
  • The acceleration of your car seems slow and noisy 
  • Your car doesn’t maintain high speeds easily
  • There’s smoke coming from the exhaust
  • There’s an engine fault light on the dashboard

Common reasons why your turbo has failed: 

There are several reasons why turbochargers fail. Here are the most common ones: 

Carbon/particle deposits

Carbon deposits build when you don’t change your oil regularly. Make sure the company changes your oil every time you take your car for service. Turbo delivers many different benefits to the overall health of your vehicle. Even relatively low levels of contaminants in it can lead to costly and inconvenient mechanical issues.

Wear & tear

Turbos are designed and built to last many years, but like your other car components, they’ll eventually fail.  You can expect your turbo to last around 150,000 miles or even more if you don’t use it often. 

Cracked/damaged seals

Turbochargers force additional air into your car’s cylinders, which makes air-pressure. If this necessary pressure reduces due to cracks in the turbo, your turbo will work harder to deliver the required turbo boost, causing it to fail eventually.

What should I do if my turbocharger fails?

The most crucial step is to find the cause of the failure, so the same thing does not happen the second time. There are many types of turbo failures and many different causes behind them. If something acted on the turbocharger to cause failure, you must remedy this.

If you bring your failed turbo to us, we can analyze and discuss what was found to point you in the right direction and get you up & running in no time.

Below are some things that our expert team at Diesel Components, Inc. will inspect if your turbocharger fails

This list is not complete as some engines have other components that also need checkups. Read on to know some things that we’ll do while repairing your turbo:

  1. We will take some time to inspect the air intake and exhaust systems to ensure they are in good condition and free from contaminants.  If your turbo fails catastrophically, parts of the failed turbo may end up in the exhaust or intake. They can reappear after the new turbo is fitted, which results in damage to the new turbo.
  2. We will change the oil and filters.  This would follow removing the sump to make sure all the material causing the turbocharger failure is cleaned out.  We will then remove and inspect the oil feed pipe and fittings for contaminants. You can also ask us to replace the air filter if you want.
  3. We will inspect the intercooler as there might be quantities of oil or parts from the original failed turbo still lingering inside the intercooler.
  4. If your vehicle has a catalytic converter or DPF in the exhaust system, we will clean or replace these to ensure correct operation.
  5. We will check intake pipes for cracks & degradation.
  6. Finally, we will also check for exhaust leaks.Can you drive with a blown turbo?

The longer you drive your car with a bad turbo, the more damage the engine will incur. This will also make your turbocharger repair costlier than it should be. Although you can still drive with a blown turbo, it would be far more preferable to stop driving it and instead bring it to us to have the turbo repaired or replaced. The longer a blown turbo is left without repair, the more damage it will cause to the car’s engine.

Turbo replacement service near Minneapolis

At Diesel Components, Inc, we can sometimes recommend replacing a blown turbo rather than repairing it. Turbo Replacement provides our customers with the peace of mind that the replacement turbo is covered with the manufacturer’s warranty. But which turbocharger to trust? Garret Turbochargers are the best in the market; read on to know why:

Why Choose Garrett Turbochargers Over Some “No Name” Aftermarket Unit?

Guaranteed Performance

If your turbocharger was originally manufactured by Garrett when the vehicle was built, replacing it with the same model ensures performance, economy, and the reliability you expect.


Garrett supplies millions of turbochargers worldwide to just about every engine manufacturer in existence, so it’s no stranger to the industry. Garret Turbochargers have the same high-quality materials and assembly accuracy that the OEM requires. Its premium quality parts will provide the longest service life possible for your application.


Our sale price will save money over the same unit’s cost from your dealership and is very competitive with “no-name” generic units of lesser quality.


All Garrett turbochargers carry a 12-month nationwide warranty. It gives you peace of mind as now you know that the company you trust backs your purchase.

Call Diesel Components Inc. for Turbo Repair Now

It’s important to act if you notice any of the warning signs mentioned above. If you are unsure, bring your car to us for an expert opinion. At Diesel Components, Inc., our expert mechanics can easily see and inspect many modern car turbochargers, often referred to as turbo, to boost the engine’s power.

Regular Service and maintenance by Diesel Components, Inc., Burnsville’s largest service center, will ensure that your turbocharger is in top working condition. Diesel Components, Inc. can also set you up with best-in-class Turbo Repairs for your diesel engines or fleet requirements.  Whether you’re in Burnsville, MN, or any other place, give us a call for your next service.