Turbo Charger Help Heavy Vehicles Going Uphill

Does a Turbo Charger Help Heavy Vehicles Going Uphill?

Look online, and you will find plenty of articles either expounding the virtues of turbocharger or vehemently denying them.

Now, some claims about turbochargers are valid. They boost your engine’s power generating capacity for a sudden burst of power and speed. On the other hand, other speculations are still open to debate. Many experts claim that a turbocharge can make it easier for heavy vehicles to climb uphill. We will try our best to answer this question effectively in this article.

According to some, a turbocharger is perfect for going uphill or climbing mountains, as it provides a much-needed boost to the engine during the steady upward climb. As a result, your engine does not lose power as quickly as a naturally aspirated one. This extra energy makes the journey uphill much easier, especially for heavy vehicles.

So, let’s dive deeper into the issue and discover whether these claims are true.

What is a Turbocharger: Getting Up To Speed

Turbo Charger Getting Up To Speed truck

Now, before we determine whether a turbocharger helps heavy trucks or SUVs climb uphill, let’s see what is a turbocharger and how does it work?

As car manufacturers seek different ways to reduce the engine size without compromising the torque or horsepower, several companies are releasing models where the engine comes fitted with a turbocharger.

A turbocharger or supercharger is an especially-designed device fitted that boosts your engine’s efficiency and performance by helping it generate more energy. It accomplishes this by pushing additional air into the engine to burn more fuel and increase power production.

Here’s How It Works

  • A turbocharger has two main ports, i.e., intake and exhaust, while the shaft has tiny turbines installed at both ends.
  • Hot exhaust gases expelled from the engine go into the exhaust port and spin the turbine inside.
  • As the intake port rotates, it pushes air into the engine, burning more fuel to increase engine power.
  • The high fuel consumption increases your vehicle’s speed and gives it a short burst of energy that’s extremely helpful while climbing rough, upward-sloping terrain.

How Does a Turbocharger Help Heavy Vehicles Climb Uphill?

Have you ever noticed how you seem to be running out of breath at higher elevations? Well, that’s because the air gets thinner the higher we rise above sea level, which also affects your car’s engine.

The explanation is simple:

  • As you go higher, the atmospheric pressure decreases.
  • This is why the oxygen content in the air is higher at sea level and gradually reduces as we go up.
  • When you drive your car uphill, it slowly loses horsepower because the amount of oxygen entering your engine is lower.
  • As a result, you burn less fuel and generate less power.
  • The general rule is that a naturally aspirated combustion engine will lose 3% of its horsepower for every 1000 feet you climb.
  • That’s why a turbocharger can help you climb hills and mountains by providing a much-needed energy boost. While the oxygen level in the air may be low, the charger will force more air into the engine, allowing it to produce the same or higher amount of energy than it would at sea level.
  • You can also get a speed sensor for your turbocharger to measure your device’s rotational speed and see how much extra energy your heavy vehicle requires while going uphill.
  • The ability to control the extra charge provided by the turbo system will help you precisely determine how much of a boost you need when facing treacherous mountain terrain.

The key element here is to go for a standard turbocharger from a reputed company and not a self-made device, as it’s highly unlikely to withstand the more challenging atmospheric conditions as you go up.

However, if you’re planning a trip to the mountains or any place with higher elevations, you should check your turbocharger to ensure it’s in good shape.

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Now that we’ve shown you that a turbocharger can provide a much-needed boost while traveling in hilly or mountainous areas, you will be able to leverage its power on your next trip.

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