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Donaldson Blue: The Star of many Stories

As we all know, the mining industry in one of the most brutal industry when it comes to machinery. It spares no one as it is full of dirt and dust all around along with polluted air. This makes the job of even the best air filters tough. However, the stars of many stories are the Donaldson Blue extended service air filters. These Donaldson hydraulic filters, which incorporate Donaldson’s restrictive Ultra-Web nanofiber media, are designed particularly for broader filter support programs and convey better engine protection, limited hardware downtime and decreased long-term operation cost of the truck fleets.

Donaldson Blue“In the consistently changing West Virginian condition, effective air filtration is an absolute necessity,” says Joseph Serrenho, Donaldson Senior Territory Manager. “In dry conditions, the earth and coal dust are ever-present. Yet, even in wet or snowy conditions, the combined fumes from the job site gear blows down on the hard-packed streets and makes a residue blend that can be fatal for engines.” This deadly blend can annihilate an engine in merely hours if the truck air filter housing falls flat. As per this Donaldson client, not one engine has been cleaned in the 20 years. This client uses only Donaldson hydraulic filters and compatible truck air filter housing.

The run of the mill MTU Series 4000 engine gives 25,000 to 30,000 hours of continuous service in the coal business. Numerous rough terrain engine owners think that it’s less demanding to totally supplant an old engine than to update or make customary repairs, so when an engine achieves that 30,000-hour stamp, the support group then arranges for a substitution. For this specific client, the substitution for the organization’s “star” engine has been sitting away for over four years. “They’ve been sitting tight for the engine to fail,” says Angelo, “Yet it just continues onward!” Such is the power of a Donaldson hydraulic filters that it makes the engine life increase many folds.

Donaldson BlueIndeed, it is trusted that the 51,000-hour exception is one of the longest-running engines in the business. In addition of using these excellent Donaldson filtration items, a completely coordinated support system is likewise credited for the long existence of this record breaker. Yet, it’s not only the only engine that Donaldson and this team’s support group hang their hats on. The team flaunts four Series 4000 engines all equipped with Donaldson Filters that have timed well more than 40,000 hours of usage and various others that have effectively far surpassed 30,000 hours of service. In general, the group keeps up 90 percent availability in the fleet, a critical benchmark in an industry where profit margins are tighter than ever. However, with the use of Donaldson Filters, there are organizations which also have 80 percent availability of fleet, just because Donaldson Filters are too good to depend on.

Since those margins are razor-thin, this support group finds that Donaldson Blue air filters likewise helps in saving when it comes to substitutions. With standard cellulose air filters, the mill support group would hope to swap out filters three to four times each year for every vehicle. The proficient Donaldson Blue filters used on this present client’s haul trucks have lasted up to an entire year, cutting support downtime and filtration costs by up to 75 percent. This truck air filter housing setup further helps in increasing the margin of the company.