Donaldson Filters: The Longest Running Filters

The coal industry is famous for being hard on vehicles and hardware. In West Virginia, where all the four seasons are brutal and unforgiving, support teams on coal job sites confront a variety of earth, dirt, and grime that only some machines can withstand. To keep their gears up and running, these support groups require all the advantages that they can get. Donaldson Filters are the best filters in this type of environment. With so much dirt and dust around, only the best diesel air filter can withstand the performance pressure.

longest running filters-Donaldson Filters

So when a long-term Donaldson coal mining client in Charleston, West Virginia, shared their story of 51,000 hours of continuous engine running time, we were amazed to see the results. This hydraulic oil filter is capable of running for almost 6 years of continuous working time. This time duration did not require any type of major repairs or rebuilds. It clearly signifies that Donaldson Filters are the best diesel air filter that one can use in such harsh conditions.

“What an extraordinary tribute for our filtration product line,” said Ted Angelo, Global Product Director, Engine Aftermarket at Donaldson Company. “Whether for oil, air inlet, hydraulics or fuel, we are focused on giving the most noteworthy quality filters to meet our client needs – even in extraordinary working conditions.”

As indicated by the support chief at this mine site, an MTU 4000 Series engine has seen almost nine back to back long stretches of usage in one Haul Truck with for all intents and almost no downtime other than scheduled services. This has been a noteworthy advantage to their work, where proficiency and unmatched quality are critical to such a crucial job.

“We know the coal business is very competitive at the present time,” said Angelo. “In case your activity isn’t efficient and cost-effective, you will fall behind rapidly. Our mining clients are finding that Donaldson filters give the most astounding filtration productivity and least support costs. In other words, the advantage in an industry where profit margins are always very meager.”

Donaldson Filtration Solution

There are many Donaldson Filters that are out there in the market. However, we need to give credit of the above story to the best diesel air filter in the market that is the Donaldson Blue. This range of filters has been there in the market for long. It has been a part of many long success stories that the customers have shared. The reason why this filter is selling the most is because of its quality and simple design. It can run for long hours without any breakage or maintenance.

Some of the features of the Donaldson Blue filters

  • Predominant productivity − for cleaner liquid and less harming contaminant in your hydraulic frameworks
  • Longer filter life − for longer filter change durations, diminishing time and cost for servicing gears
  • Decreased flow restrictions − to limit energy loss and time in a filter, even during cold weathers
  • Meets HF4 car standard

These are some of the reasons why Donaldson Blue filters are one of the best hydraulic oil filters out there in the market. Check out these hydraulic oil filter on our website here!