Electric Turbos: DCI Separates the Facts from the Fiction

Despite strong evidence supporting the excellent boost provided by electric turbos, many consider them to be a scam. The primary culprits behind this are the cheap, low-quality devices flooding the market.

These devices include modified computer fans and other electronics adapted for car intake. Their poor performance further fuels the skepticism around electric turbos. So, it’s important to dispel the facts from fiction and clear up the myths around electric turbos.

One way to do this is to dive deeper into electric turbos by exploring what they are and how they function.

What is an Electric Turbo?

Remember the turbo boosts that sent cars into overdrive in the Fast and the Furious franchise?

An electric turbo or turbocharger is used as a booster system to increase an engine’s power without increasing its size.

High-quality electric turbos are an excellent way to enhance your engine’s performance and take it to the next level.

Here’s How an Electric Turbo Works:

  • A car engine produces power by burning fuel and air together.
  • Your car’s speed and performance depend on how fast your engine burns this mixture of fuel and air. The higher the fuel-burning rate, the more power your engine produces.
  • A turbocharger, or supercharger as it is also known, forces or pushes more air into your engine. So, it forces the engine to burn more fuel and generate power beyond its existing capacity.
  • An electric turbocharger or supercharger takes this concept further. It does not rely on exhaust gases to function. This way, it also eliminates turbo lag.
  • A powerful electric motor drives the electric turbocharger. The motor forces cold air into the engine for smoother power delivery. It’s also way faster than the traditional exhaust-driven turbo.
  • An electric turbo is a fuel-efficient solution that saves up to 10% of your engine’s fuel consumption.

After discovering how electric turbos work, let us examine the facts and myths surrounding them.

Electric Turbos: Has Their Time Finally Arrived?

Many have questioned the veracity of electric turbos. Yet, we can expect several more car launches where the engines use an electric turbo for more power.

Leading the way is the Mercedes-AMG SL 43, all set to hit the roads in 2023. It’s the first car to have a production engine with an electric exhaust gas turbocharger.

So, as you can see, the time is ripe for the onset of these turbochargers of the future. Let us now separate the facts from fiction.

Electric turbos do not work. We have debunked this myth above. This misconception arises from poor-quality or modified devices masquerading as electric turbos.
Electric turbos are not strong enough to boost an engine’s performance. So far, electric turbos are used to overcome engine issues like turbo lag. Yet, F1 and Audi are using electric turbos to boost their engine performance. Tesla’s electric engines can also achieve a speed of 100km/h.
Electric turbos can cost you more in the long run as they rely on batteries for power.


Electric turbos provide temporary boosts to engines. Hence, they do not need power all the time. So, they can draw energy from a small and affordable battery, keeping your costs low.

Electric turbos have a long way to go before they can be available for mass consumption. Yet, more companies are innovating and creating new turbos to boost their application in the automotive market.

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