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Fan Clutches – Borg Warner Kysor Fan Clutch

The Fan Clutch is an imperative piece of your vehicle which controls the vehicular emissions. Its main role is to decrease harmful air by changing unsafe contaminations into less destructive emissions, for example, water, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen.


How Does a Fan Clutch Work?

An ordinary fan clutch depends on sensors to recognize temperature. An uncommon sort of oil is contained inside its repository and permitted to stream out of the supply through a gap when the temperature arrives at its trigger point. As the oil goes into the chamber it triggers a shaft that makes the fan pivot. On the other hand, when the temperature decreases past the trigger point, the valve permitting the oil to enter will close and the rest of the oil in the chamber will release through centrifugal force to the reservoir. As this occurs, the rotor will deactivate, and the fan will stop. Without this activity, the fan would be simply connected with the driving belt consistently and would provide cooling when not required.


Horton Fan Clutch


How Is a Fan Clutch Made?

Fan clutches are made from extremely strong materials intended to withstand vibration and high temperatures. At the front is a bimetallic temperature sensor and underneath the external cover is a slide valve, chamber, and rotor. The back side of the case forms a closure and mounts to a pulley shaft that is attached with the driving belt.


Borg Warner – Kysor Fan Clutch

The Kysor fan clutch is available in an assortment of models. The Kysor/Borg Warner fan clutch has been one of the manufacturer’s best fan clutches available today. Kysor fan clutch is available at Diesel Components Inc who offers a wide assortment of fan clutches and bearing packs for you to fix your fan clutch with. Besides bearing packs, you can also find front air revamp unit, lining pack, rear air build pack, and a seal pack.

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Kysor Cylinder and Front Seal Replacement Methods

The following is a little guide on the most efficient method to replace the cylinder and front seal in a Kysor fan clutch. On the off chance that you have any inquiries regarding Borg Warner/Kysor fan clutches or fix units – reach out to Diesel Components Inc.

  1. Separate the airline from the fan clutch and expel the fan. Next, expel the fan clutch.
  2. Pack the clutch with two 4-inch bolts and fasten the wing nuts until the clutch packs.
  3. Evacuate the cylinder nut, tab washer, and the cylinder and expel the huge O-ring and the residue seal.
  4. Clean the depression where the O-ring and residue seal originated from. Grease up the O-ring and residue seal, don’t extend it.
  5. Place the O-ring in the cylinder groove and add the oil also. Make a point to grease up the small O-ring too.

6. In the end, place a new tab washer in the cylinder. Install the nut and add torque to around 84 pounds for each inch. At that point remove the bolts and pressurize the clutch to 120 Psi.