Horton Fan Clutch at Diesel Components Inc.

Horton Fan Clutch the oldest in the business

Founded in 1951, Horton has been one of the oldest and most reliable brand names around the globe. Since its inception, Horton has put in efforts to create the kind of trust that they enjoy now by their customers and independent distributors like Diesel Components Inc. They have inaugurated many numbers of technology for on and off the road to improve the performance of the vehicle. They have been proved to be of great importance during 1971 U.S. energy crisis where they could manage to convince the truck manufacturers to install engine cooling fans to save fuel consumption. Thus, Horton has been more than a business set-up it is more of an industrial culture that has evolved with time.


Horton and the World

Horton has been a global phenomenon where it is counted among the leading manufacturers of fan clutch and other cooling equipment. It is a common name in countries like Australia, Europe, and Mexico, it expanded to Asia. It has sales offices in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Germany and representatives in Russia, Korea, China, Japan, India, Australia, Tunisia, Brazil and the United Kingdom. Other than this Horton also has more than nine hundred global distributors with over fifteen facilities worldwide. It expanded its business with to such wide networks on the basis of their innovative techniques and their sheer desire to reach out as much as possible but there is no compromise in their quality. They have catered to such a diverse population of drivers and automobile manufacturing companies that wherever one finds engines that have cooling systems, it is none other than Horton.

Horton and Diesel Components Inc.

The relationship that is shared by the two companies is highly professional yet highly optimized when it comes to their customers. Both of them have maintained a reputation for keeping their customers their priority. Diesel Components Inc. and Horton together have taken this industrial culture to the next level where they prioritize their customer’s investment like their own. They understand how important a high-performing and the well-maintained vehicle is for the business and they take the best care of it. They are fine-tuned with each other to such an extent that Diesel Components have been there most revered distributor. Horton stocks Diesel Components with air filters to the engine to electrical power, thus, if anything that has a Horton label can be found at the Diesel Components. The professionalism that can be experienced makes them the best manufacturer-distributor team in the business. They have sorted their priorities where a satisfied customer is at the top; they understand the value of the money that has been invested since it required a huge amount of trust. In fact, it is the trust that they really cater too which is a fruit of their labor to make everything runs smoothly. They share a common interest in maintaining the sustainability of the environment. They technologically advance yet do not contribute to depleting natural resources.