Best Turbocharger Repair Shop

From the very beginning, Diesel Components, Inc. was intended to be a regional warehouse distributor and provide authorized turbocharger repair services for AiResearch, Garrett, and Schweitzer to name just a few. The original intention was to serve the heavy duty on and off-highway markets in the upper Midwest. That was back in 1977, since then, we have continued to grow, not just in products and services offered, but also, in the markets we now serve.

That growth in the decades that followed expanded our reputation as being one of the best family owned turbocharger rebuilding facilities and has allowed us to serve companies and individuals throughout North America as well as other countries around the world.


The knowledge gained from that diversity has enhanced our performance so we have the right parts, and the right people with up to date training to handle your turbocharger repair maintenance requirements. There may be other repair companies that entice you with a lower price, but when it comes to turbocharger repair services, Diesel Components, Inc. does not cut corners. As a factory authorized repair facility, you can be confident in the fact that we will always use top quality parts, and the latest repair techniques, because we firmly believe in doing every job right the first time.

We have you covered, from supplying the simple parts such as a manifold gasket, or an air discharge hose or clamp, to the more complex like wheel balancing, including testing and correcting the balance complete cartridge assemblies using state of the art VSR technology. We also offer complete exchange new or rebuilt turbochargers, when it comes to turbochargers, Diesel Components, Inc. has what you need. Our own in-house rebuilding capabilities mean a fast turnaround on your own turbocharger. If your diesel engine has a turbocharger problem, we’ll know how to fix it, regardless of your application.

At Diesel Components, Inc. our first priority always is to provide each and every customer with the highest possible quality and to treat them in a manner in which we would like to be treated.