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Turbocharger Systems

The turbochargers or turbo are used to enhance the efficiency of an internal combustion engine. The garrett ball bearing turbo is the most promising induction device used to boost the power output of the engine. It provides a number of benefits. In addition to higher engine efficiency, it provides high-altitude performance and reduces emissions and pollutions. The turbocharger’s compressor draws in the air, compresses it, and passes it into the intake manifold at higher pressure. As a result, a greater mass of air enters the cylinders of each stroke. Turbocharges are also used in increasing the fuel efficiency of the engine without boosting its power. For this purpose, it takes the waste energy from the exhaust and feeds it back to the engine intake. The Diesel Components Inc is an authorized product-sellers and repair service provider for the turbocharger. They provide comprehensive in-house repair and rebuild of your fuel injection systems and turbocharges with the highest industry standards.

Turbo Charger

Journal Bearing vs. Ball Bearing

Turbocharges use two variants of the systems, the journal bearing system, and the ball bearing system. Journal bearing is a traditional system that has a thrust bearing and a set of journal bearing. In contrast, the cartridge ball bearing system has eight angular contact ball bearings at either end.

For many years the journal bearing is used as the strength of turbocharges and still continues to be. However, the Garrett Motor Sport Group has come up with the innovation of the garrett ball bearing turbo. It uses the latest cartridge ball bearing technology which is more affordable in providing performance enhancement. The ball bearing turbocharges are preferred over journal bearing because of the following factors.


  • Throttle Response

As compared to the journal bearing, ball bearing turbocharges experience stronger and sharper throttle response. They dramatically improve 0-60 mph boost speed. 

  • Lesser oil flow

Ball-bearing turbochargers require a lesser amount of oil for adequate lubricant which reduces the possibility of seal leakage. These are more tolerant of marginal lube conditions and are lesser prone to failure on engine shutdown. This makes ball bearing turbo a preferred choice over journal bearing turbo.

  • Better durability and rotor dynamics

The ball bearing cartridge provides superior damping and control over shaft motion. This makes it durable and more reliable in both extreme and everyday conditions.


In addition to these two primary systems, a hybrid ball bearing is also used. It is created by replacing only the compression side journal bearing with a single angular contact ball bearing. This arrangement can only take a thrust in one direction. By including a garrett ball bearing turbo the rotor group can be entirely supported by ball bearings. This arrangement maximizes performance, efficiency, and durability.


Characteristics that garrett ball bearing turbo an obvious choice for your engine

Garrett is a trusted brand when it comes to delivering turbocharger. Its latest ball bearing turbo is taking over the market owing to its extraordinary performance qualities.

  • High on-engine durability
  • Last longer even in intense abuse
  • Offers better thrust bearing capacity
  • Seal leakage is minimized even in conditions where the other turbocharger system would leak
  • Perform even during excessive heat
  • High flow/low inertia characteristics
  • Products have to pass several quality tests before hitting the market and continuously evolved for better performance